A henna crown will usually last 7-10 days. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, this may cause the henna crown to fade faster. See below for tips about how to make your henna crown last as long as possible:

1. Keep the henna paste on for at least 8 hours.

Henna stains darkest on the hands and feet because the skin is thicker in those areas. The scalp is thin, so you want to ensure you leave the henna on up to 12 hours so it has time to absorb. The longer you leave it on, the darker the henna design will be. We recommend doing a henna crown in the morning and taking off the henna right before bed (Warning! Henna stains material permanently. For this reason, we don’t recommend wearing a henna crown to bed, as it may stain your bedding). The henna takes 48 hours to darken, so don’t worry if the design is a faint, bright orange when you first remove the henna paste, it will get darker!

2. Don’t use water to wash it off!

Getting henna wet in the first 24 hours will impede the henna stain. Brush off the dry henna paste with your hands and use a little bit of olive or vegetable oil to rub off the stubborn bits.

3. Try not to wear a wig or hat, or get a head massage.

The rubbing will cause your skin to exfoliate, meaning your henna design will fade faster.

4. Protect the design when you shower.

Put a little olive oil on your head before you get in the shower, or use a shower cap. Rubbing your head will cause the henna to fade faster.

5. Don’t go swimming.

Chlorine will take the henna design off extremely quickly.

Dry henna paste the day of the appointment
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48 hours after henna paste removal
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