Before your appointment

Before your henna crown appointment, here are some things to keep in mind:

Get inspired.

Your henna crown is an expression of you! Think about the symbols and ideas that are important to you. Need inspiration? Check out our Facebook page or our Pinterest boards. Let the artist know what you would like ahead of time so they can develop and practice a design.

Make a morning appointment.

You need to wear your Henna Crown for at least 8 hours before you can take the paste off. Henna stains material permanently and you don’t want to ruin your bedding, so schedule your appointment in the morning if you can.

Shave your head.

It’s reccomended to shave your head before getting a henna crown (like material, hair will stain permanently…Until it grows out).

Clean your head.

Don’t apply lotions before getting the crown, and make sure to wash your head with soap and water before the appointment. The henna artist may clean your head with rubbing alcohol as well.

Chrysanthemums are Jana’s favourite flowers, so after doing some art-research online, Olivia create a chrysanthemum-themed henna crown.
© Frances Darwin Photography