Henna Crown Tutorial

Are you an aspiring henna artist? Now you can learn how to mix safe henna paste and how to do a henna crown–from the original Toronto-based Henna Heals team!

Need henna? Professional henna artists are often also henna suppliers. Try searching for a professional artist in your area or try Henna Caravan. Using essential oil? Use lavender oil that has less than 1% camphor.

We Intend for you to watch this film in its entirety, but for your convenience, we have included links so you can reference certain parts of the film:

Click here for “How to make henna paste”

Click here for “How to prepare for a henna crown appointment”

Click here for the “Henna Crown Tutorial”

Click here to review the (now archived) Henna Heals Artist Terms and Conditions, which was based on the health and safety information we had available while our project was operational 2010-2015.

Click here for an example waiver form

Click here to order Pier 1’s Recycled Glass Head

Thank you for growing the Henna Crown movement!