Henna Heals

Henna Heals was created to raise awareness of “henna crowns”, a temporary, safe and all-natural form of body-art for people experiencing hair loss. The organization was founded in 2010 as a small henna company based in Toronto, Canada, and grew into an international referral organization of over 300 independent henna artists. After 5 years, hundreds of henna crown requests, and incredible media coverage, we feel we achieved our goal…Now, our project lives on in those who are inspired by our work, and who continue to grow the henna crown movement.

The core Henna Heals team was:

Founder & Photographer:
Frances Darwin

Henna Artists:
Tarquin Singh of Henna Planet;
Joanne Rumstein-Ellis of Hennafication;
Kyla Austin of Saffron & Jade;
Olivia Darwin of Driftwood Henna;
Luma R. Brieuc of Lumanessence;
Noofa Hannan
Nimisha Bhanot